Our Vision…Our Strategy…Our Plan

Our Vision

Sneha Karma Collections (SKC) is a Social Enterprise Initiative of Sneha Karma Foundation.

Sneha Karma Foundation’s vision is to build an ecosystem that will enable under privileged girls to get equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. We are committed to supporting the girls through academic education, skills training and professional development until they become independent and self-empowered. 

Even as a Non-Profit our vision is to become self-sustaining and self-reliant. We believe that once our programs are initially funded with help by Patrons like you, Our programs should become self-reliant and be able to fund its own needs. Our Social Enterprise Programs are setup such that they enable us to do just that.


Our Strategy

One of our three key program is ‘Social Enterprise’. One of the success metrics of our Social Enterprise program is to enable under-privileged artisans to earn their livelihood. Artisans today are struggling to find a marketplace where they can sell their products. We believe an online platform will be the ideal place for them to showcase their talent and help them earn their livelihood.

Sneha Karma Collections will eventually become that platform. We expect that by the end of 2021, All Products sold on this platform will be produced by under-privileged artisans. We build the platform first since it will serve other purposes while we work on helping the under-privileged artisans on the ground design and build their products. 


Our Plan

Our Plan for 2019 is to launch the ‘Sneha Karma Collections’ E-Commerce Platform and learn from the experience of selling products online. The Store has been designed, build and managed by unpaid volunteers. The store will help us raise funds which will be used for the operations of the Sneha Karma Foundation. This will ensure that 100% of our patrons donations go towards helping the under-privileged. The experience gained by managing the store will help us get rid to sell the under-privileged artisans products online. 

Our Plan is to start selling underprivileged artisans products as soon as possible (latest by the beginning of 2020). By the end of 2021, we would like to sell only products produced by under-privileged artisans on this e-commerce platform.