Sneha Karma Collections – Timeline (Live Blog)

Sneha Karma Collections – Timeline (Live Blog)

Sneha Karma Collections is one of the biggest and most strategic social enterprise initiative of Sneha Karma Foundation. It is going to be a multiple year journey – at least 5 years to take it from ‘Idea to Reality’ and we think it would be great to have a blog decided to track the various milestones along the way.

Life is a Journey not a destination and we are hoping this initiative will help us provide equal opportunity to the under-privileged girls!


Oct 2017 – An Idea to build a Marketplace for the Under-Privileged Artisans is Born

After making multiple visits to remote villages in India, It became evident that the under-privileged living in the remote villages might not be ‘Educated’ (academically) but had some fantastic skills to produce unbelievable products. sometimes, these products very made out of natural resources. 

Their problem was not skills or ability to produce. Their problem was that they did not have access to a marketplace / customers. Their problem was that they were not able to make a regular and predictable income. Their problem was that they did not have the money needed to start an enterprise of their own. Their problem was that they did not have the organizational skills needed to take the skills they possess and turn it into a growing business.

Sneha Karma Foundation believes that if we solve for their problem of not having a marketplace / customers will help them solve for all the other problems along the way. 

Hence the idea to build a Marketplace for the Under-privileged Artisans was Born!

June 2018 – Lets Build the E-Commerce Platform First and On-Board the Artisans as we move along!

Our ‘ Birth of Sneha Karma Collections‘ Blog details out the reason for us to make the decision to separate out the ‘E-Commerce Platform’ from the ‘On-Boarding of the Artisans’ onto the Platform into two separate projects.

Needless to say,  The E-Commerce Platform is a pre-requisite for us to be able to sell the Artisans products online. Also, we expect the On-Boarding of the Artisans onto the platform as an ongoing and a multi-year journey.

Sept 2018 – Approved the Setup of our First Social Enterprise Project on the Ground – Garbhanga Hand-loom and Handicraft Center

After making multiple visits to remote villages in India, It became very clear that the under-privileged villages were artistic and skilled. They were also very self-motivated to get out of their distressed situation and poverty, wanting to help themselves but just did not have the means to do so.

The local government programs and non-profit organizations had not reached most of these villages as yet. It is then that Sneha Karma Foundation decided to fund their first social enterprise project to help the under-privileged woman of Garbhanga Forest Village.

Please read our Blog ‘Garbhanga Handloom and Handicraft Center – A Humble Beginning‘ for details of this initiative.

Oct 2018 – Development Work on the Sneha Karma Collections E-Commerce Platform begins

It is easy to make a decision to build a E-Commerce store but where do we start..who will build it. That is where the power of volunteers comes in. We started recruiting our team of volunteers to start the development work for the E-Commerce store and slowly slowly kept growing the team. 

Before we know it we had a team of 6 volunteers actively working on building the store and more than 5 others who were indirectly supporting the effort.

Read all about the above-n-beyond efforts of our team of volunteers in our blog ‘Launch of Sneha Karma Collections

March 2019 – Sneha Karma Collections – E-commerce Store Launched

After more than 1000 hours of work done by unpaid volunteers by sacrificing their holidays, weekends and evenings, Sneha Karma Collections was launched on March 24th, 2019. 

The Initial release of the E-Commerce Platform included approx 250 products being sold under 3 major categories – For Her, For Him and For Home. 100% of the profit from the E-commerce store will be donated to Sneha Karma Foundation. The store is designed and build by unpaid virtual volunteers. It will be maintained and operated also by unpaid virtual volunteers.

Read all about the details about this project in our blog about ‘Launch of Sneha Karma Collections‘